It’s been a year since I made my blog. It’s really been a ball. I’m not too sentimental about the anniversary. I just want to say it’s been an honor and a pleasure. Thank you to everyone who has made me feel welcome. You are all A+.

shout out to sexybackvi, toptoptabisammiejoe4ate8fallen-blossomsmy-nalgaetohoshinkidesupandachaserygjunkieking-of-musicraghddaesung-fyfreaknastygo-anonfuck-jiyongvipdraskoudaeholicstrawberries-sakuracoreyandaesung-uksi-gave-upmondae-to-sundaeninjacookiesftw, jiyongs-dickdomonic-crotchkannie87, and everyone I follow because I follow you for a reason.

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    Happy one year, Betz ♥ My #1 fanmailfangirl :3 Saranghae!
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    amazing blog keep it BB i will always follow u
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